Two Drops Of Water is a Street Style and Lifestyle blog about fashion, relationships and a balanced and healthy life. The blog is created by us together, Linda as the blogger and Oleg as the photographer and the occasional guest blogger. The idea of the blog was born one night after having sat for hours editing pictures together and realizing we didn’t really have a mutual platform to share our pictures on. A couple of months later Two Drops Of Water was born!

Main blogger

Linda Vänskä

The blog is my way of expressing my passions such as photography, fashion and wellness through my thoughts and through our pictures. I work as a Project and Communications Manager in an organization under the Nordic Council of Ministers where part of my job is to create content on social media. In that way my work and the blog complement each other on a daily basis. The tools are the same, only the topics differ. 
Interests: fashion, street style, photography, traveling, dancing and yoga

Photographer, guest blogger

Oleg Oksanen

I am the CEO and Founder of the social media marketing agency Visual PR. Together with my company, photography is one of my biggest passions in life, which I get to use both in my work and on the blog. When I’m not too busy doing either one of the above, I like sharing a word or two on the blog about our life from my perspective. 
Interests: photography, videography, traveling, guitar playing and cooking


Two Drops Of Water

The blog is a platform for us to share our common interest in photography, fashion and traveling and at the same time invite you into our life, mostly through the eyes of Linda and with the occasional post from Oleg. Welcome to our world, we hope you enjoy spending time in it!
Topics: fashion/street style, lifestyle, wellness, travel, relationship