1. I have a Master in Political Science with Politics as my major
I did my Master’s degree at the University of Helsinki and spent one year studying political history in Spanish at the University of Cádiz in the south of Spain. My minor subjects were Spanish and law.

2. I speak five languages
Swedish, Finnish, English, Spanich fluently and French, the latter not as good as the four others.

3. My first hobby was artistic gymnastics
I did it for a couple of years when I was about 4-5 years old and have been able to do the split and the cartwheel ever since.

4. I’m scared of highs
As soon as I get too high up my toes and my fingertips start to tingle and my arms and feet get all spaghetti on me.

5. I never give up
If I’ve decided to learn something new I’ll keep going until I’ve mastered it. My latest obsession has been to learn the dancer yoga pose, the one where you lift your arms over your head and grab hold of your foot. Since my back is the least flexible part on my body this has been a real struggle for me but after six months of back stretches and repeats I finally nailed it the other day.

6. I’m addicted to Tuc-crackers
I eat them every day.

7. I listen almost entirely to Spanish music, and mostly reggaetón
My favorite artists are Wisin, Yandel, Carlos Vives, Nicky Jam and Zion y Lennox.

8. I hate olives and beer
Never liked them and probably never will.

9. I don’t speak German but
I can recite the entire Die Printzen song “Deutschland”. Don’t ask me why. 😀

10. I cry literally every time I watch a movie
If it’s a sad movie I cry of sadness, if it’s a happy one I’ll cry of happiness. I even managed to cry whilst watching Friends. My all-time worst cry movie goes all the way back to 1991 to the movie “My girl”. I tried to watch it again some years ago and the same thing happened, cried like a baby.