Vuoden 2018 kohokohdat

The year 2018 was a good year. No, actually, the year 2018 was an excellent year. So many positive things happened in my life both at work and privately. I was able to travel and see some amazing places. I spent a lot of quality time with my family and my friends. I also had a very successful year with the dance group. It is hard to choose my most memorable moments and experiences from the past year but here it goes, 2018 highlights of the year:

I got engaged
Oleg managed to take me completely by surprise when he proposed to me on the last possible day, I would have expected him to propose; on my birthday at our country house in North Karelia. He therefore succeeded to fulfill my two secret wishes in regard to an engagement, that it would be a surprise and that it would happen on place that is special to me.
I spent a week in Corfu with my family and traveled to Albania

I spent a week in Corfu with my family and traveled to Albania
To celebrate my mom’s 70th birthday the whole family traveled to Corfu. For a whole week I got to enjoy our beautiful villa, the beach, stunning views and delicious local food together with my mom, my dad, Oleg, my brother and my brother’s family. The cherry on top was our day trip to amazing Albania.

Vuoden 2018 kohokohdatVuoden 2018 kohokohdat

I became a godmother
My first ever godchild Valentina came into the world at the beginning of the year. And even though I know I’m somewhat partial here, I have to say she is the most beautiful little baby girl on this earth. <3

I traveled to “my Spain”
I did a part of my master’s degree at the University of Cádiz in Andalusia. My year in Spain is one of the most memorable years of my life and Cádiz will always have a special place in my heart. I was therefore extremely happy to be able to travel to Cádiz in November with my loved ones and show “my Spain” to Oleg, my cousin and my cousin’s boyfriend.

I had an unforgettable summer
This summer was definitely one of the best ones I’ve had in a long time. I was able to spend two and a half weeks in a row at my summer house in North Karelia with Oleg, my cousin and other family members. Some of the highlights from my visit was watching the sunset at Koli, hiking in Tiilikka National Park, swimming in Pikäkoski and having brunch outside in our garden.

Vuoden 2018 kohokohdat

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