The other day I asked Oleg what he thought were the three most important things in our relationship. I was surprised to hear that he had the exact same priorities as me and even in the same order:

1. Trust
Trust is the core of our relationship, the glue that holds everything else together and the part that gives us our best change to be happy and make each other happy. When there’s trust there’s also room to back each other’s decisions, support each other’s aspirations and give each other the possibility to fulfill ourselves when needed without creating jealousy, control needs and bitterness. Trust means always feeling safe and steady even at times when the world around you is shaking.

2. Humour
Even though we might not always be interested in the same things or agree on everything, we still always enjoy each other’s company. We share the same humour, so laughter and joking are a big part of our relationship. Not a day will pass without at least a couple of laughs. Sometimes we wonder though, whether our silliness has any sense to it. We make up the most ridiculous words and laugh at the most stupid things. However, from time to time it does come in handy when we are in the middle of a fight and one of us makes a joke that the other one just can’t not laugh at. Humour plays in other word a very big part in our lives so if I still, years from now, describe our relationship like I have above, I can’t be more happy.

3. Passion
With passion, we don’t only refer to sex, but also to being passionately interested in that other person on an emotional level. It is very important to both of us that our own ideas, feelings and preferences are genuinely interesting to one another. Like we already mentioned, we are not always unanimous on every issue, but it is however more than important that we are interested in each other’s opinions and really want to find out where they come from. This way our respect and interest for one another will also remain.