I’m stressed

I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Work, business trips, blogging, our podcast, dance practice, wedding planning, selling the apartment… and then there should be some time for family and friends as well. When I think about it it’s no wonder my body broke down once again. A couple of weeks ago I got this really weird and super painful cramp in my leg and I haven’t been able to dance or do any kind of exercising since. First, we thought I had yet another tear, but it turned out it was just a cramp in combination with a minor strain. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to dance at my own wedding in a couple of weeks..

I’m surprised

I’m quite surprised though, that I haven’t felt more anxious about not being able to exercise. Usually I go crazy after just one week of not dancing but this time I have managed to stay much more positive. I guess I’m just so focused on getting well until our wedding that I haven’t had time to worry.


I’m happy

At the same time that I’m feeling stressed I also have to say that I’m feeling extremely happy. I enjoy work, we had a great spring season with the dance group, our podcast was successfully launched and, most importantly, I’m getting married to the love of my life in a couple of weeks.

I’m nervous

Even though I know there’s no use, I still worry about the weather on our wedding day. What if it’s pouring down rain? What if it’s freezing cold? What if it’s insanely windy? Naturally we have a backup plan for everything but since this is presumably our one and only wedding, I really hope for it to go according to our plan A. Thankfully both Oleg, my mom and my bridesmaids are convinced the weather won’t make any difference. Depp down I know they are right.


I’m relieved

Since I was born, I’ve been allergic to certain foods and to my big disappointment the list has grown longer by the years. However, I have taken a habit of checking the status of my allergies every five to ten years. Last time, which was just a couple of days ago, I finally got some good news. Some of my allergies had disappeared and I now get to welcome seeds and avocado to my life!

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