This week has been one of those when you at the end of it realize you have exactly two options: a) mull over all the bad things that happened this week or b) try to pick out at least a few positive things and focus on them instead. This time I choose the second alternative, cause I know the first one won’t lead me anywhere. So here we go. 5 good things that happened this week:


I started Pilates. I have already for some time known that Pilates would be good for me. I need to strengthen my inner abs to help me with my dancing and to avoid further injuries. It’s just that even the idea of Pilates has made me fall asleep. This Monday I finally talked myself into going and the class turned out to be a positive surprise!

Viikon 5 positiivista Viikon 5 positiivista


I finally got my wedding ring from the jeweller’s after having had it resized an it fit me like a glove. Can’t wait until I get to wear it. Only four months left now. 🙂


The feeling I get after a dance class is just priceless. Especially after Thursday’s class this week. I felt energized both physically and mentally. Dancing really heals everything.

Viikon 5 positiivista Viikon 5 positiivista


I spent Friday night on my own as Oleg was travelling. I made my favourite food, had some sparkling wine, watched a movie and looked through bridal magazines. Invested in myself for once and it felt really good.


I started a new exciting collaboration that I get to share with you on Instagram soon. 🙂

Viikon 5 positiivista Viikon 5 positiivista

Jacket – Max Mara
Sweater – Second Female
Jeans – Gina Tricot
Boots – & Other Stories
Bag – Burberry

Pics – Essi