A couple of days ago Ada (@Whiteparadises) challenged me to list random facts about me. Since I already wrote a similar post a couple of months ago, I decided to do the challenge a little bit different this time and list 5 random fact about Oleg’s and my relationship instead.


1. We met on Tinder, but not the way you might think. It was two and a half years ago, and I was on the train with my aunt on our way to North Karelia for Christmas. We started talking about dating and suddenly my aunt asked me what Tinder was all about. I hadn’t used it in ages, but the app was still on my phone, so I handed my cell to my aunt whilst I quickly explained to her the swipe left swipe right function. “Oh, you mean like this?”, my aunt asked and before I had time to react she had swiped right on the first profile that had appeared on my screen. It’s a match! And the profile was Oleg. The rest is history.. 😀

2. We have divided our housework according to our own preferences or according to what we least of all hate to do. Oleg does all the cooking and the grocery shopping, takes out the trash and cleans our windows and mirrors. I vacuum clean, do the laundry, dust and clean our sinks. The problem only starts when it’s time to iron, both of us hate ironing.

3. Apparently opposites attract because we are so different from one another in so many ways. We think differently and argue differently and since neither one of is used to the other’s way of communicating we sometimes find ourselves fighting about something we actually agree on. We just couldn’t communicate it to each other so that the other one would understand. This has from the beginning been our biggest problem as a couple. Fortunately, the years have taught us to understand and most importantly to accept the other’s way of thinking which has also made it easier to solve our arguments.

4. We are seriously a couple of dorks when we are alone and literally joke about everything. We make up stupid names for daily things and even for each other that we use and laugh about at home.

5. In the same way as many people have their pizza Fridays, in our house we celebrate tapas Friday. We buy different cheeses, crackers, chorizo, jámon serrano etc. and enjoy it all with a nice glass of red. I don’t know if we do this because we are too tired to cook after a long week or because neither one of us wants to let go of the Spanish food culture after having lived in Spain. Either way, our tapas night tastes just as delicious week after week.

I challenge: 

Dress – Bubbleroom (kaupallinen yhteistyö)
Heels – Rizzo