This week I decided to do something that I do far too seldom and that I think everyone should try every once in a while. I decided to list 5 positive things from the past week that I am proud of. We don’t really have a habit of congratulating ourselves for a well done day unless we’ve done something extraordinary. It’s not like we would toast to a day explicitly because it hasn’t happened anything. for a “normal” day when everything has gone as “planned”. But when something goes wrong, when something irritating or unexpected happens, that’s what we’ll remember and put all our focus on. Well not anymore! Now it’s time to think of the positive things, no matter how small or insignificant they might be. Check out how my list turned out below.

1. Because of my work travels I haven’t been able to to go to dance or yoga class for over a week, which usually might cause me some anxiety. yesterday, when I finally had a free evening, I didn’t go to yoga as planned. I listened to my body instead and realized that what it needed wasn’t training but rest. And best of all, I didn’t feel bad about it.

2. At the beginning of the week I was pondering back and forth whether I should send out a request to one of my collaborators. I was super unsure about the whole thing but ended up sending the email anyway. And luckily so, the result turned out to be more than positive. Definitely worth overcoming my fear and trying!

3. I found a pair of perfect white ankle boots during my trip to Malmö. Unfortunately they only had one pair left and it was just a little bit too tight for my feet. I was almost going to buy them anyway when my sanity returned and I left the boots in the store. Deep down I knew they would end up unused in the back of my closet..

4. When I travel for work it’s easy to fall into an unhealthy eating pattern. Obviously it doesn’t matter if it’s only for a day or two but when you’re attending seminars and courses weeks in a row the sweets and the cakes start to come out of your ears. Usually I’m not able to resist them but this week I chose to skip the bacon, croissants and cheeses and bring my homemade granola with me to breakfast. I also went for the fruits instead of the cakes during coffee break!

5. A few nights this week I managed to turn off my cell an hour before bedtime and spent the “extra” time reading instead. Needless to say how good I slept those nights!