I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog these last couple of weeks. The reason for my silence was the very anticipated and long-time planned family trip to Corfu after which Oleg and I headed to spend Midsummer at Oleg’s summer house in Estonia. Now, when all the trips are over, suitcases unpacked, and the over 2000 Corfu pictures are sorted I finally have some time for a blog update. Let’s start with Corfu.

We have literally been planning for this trip with my parents, my brother and my brother’s family for over ten years but due to different circumstances (studies, family life etc.) we only just now, in celebration of my mother’s birthday, managed to put it all together. So, finally all eight of us, six adults and two kids, packed our bags and headed for Corfu for a whole week. My parents had rented a beautiful villa on the southwest side of the island at Halikounas Beach where we got to enjoy the stunning views of the coastline, our own private beach, a beautiful green yard and our very own outdoor pool.

The week was spent hanging by the pool, sunbathing on the beach or on different day trips to the Byzantine castle Angelokastro or the 12th century built Pantokratoros monastery to name a few. We even took a day trip to Albania which turned out to be a super positive surprise and experience (more about the Albania trip in a future post). At the end of every day we gathered for dinner either on our own terrace or on the beautiful terrace of a nearby taverna.

Good to know about Corfu

  • Even though the island of Corfu is only about 60 km long and 30 km wide its narrow and bumpy roads as well as difficult terrain makes driving a bit slow. Remember therefore to book at least half a day for each sight-seeing trip.
  • English is spoken at all the restaurants, shops and hotels in the tourist areas. If you however are like us and try to avoid other tourists as far as possible you might want to look up some basic Greek before the trip.
  • The wine in Corfu is somewhat different in taste to what we are used to here in the North, so it might take some getting used to. We didn’t care that much for the red but the white wine on the other hand was absolutely delicious, especially with fresh salads and fish dishes.
  • Notos beach on the southeast side of the island was as far as we experienced the most beautiful beach of them all. The beach restaurants in the area are also worth a visit.
  • Corfu is the place in Greece where it rains the most and thundershowers are common even during the hottest months of the year. However, thanks to the rainfalls, Corfu is also the greenest place in Greece. The island actually reminded me more of a South-American island rather than a Greek one due to its rich vegetation.