I’m looking out the car window watching the endless fields, lakes and forests go by. I take a deep breath and sink a little deeper into the car seat. Was this it then? Two and a half carefree and peaceful weeks at the countryside will have to move aside for the noise and stress of the city to take over? And I will have to wait another year until I’ll be able to experience it all again. I feel a little depressed and if I’m completely honest I even have to fight away a couple of tears. The feeling isn’t anything new to me though. As a matter of fact, I feel it every time I leave the peace and quiet of our country house behind after a long summer visit. Fortunately, I know that the closer we get to the city and the further behind I leave North Karelia, the faster the feeling disappears.

In other words, my sadness doesn’t originate from the fact that I would feel depressed about going back to work or my everyday life. Not at all. It’s simply about not wanting for this perfect time at the country house to end. Especially when I know it will take a year before I get to do it all again. But as always, eight hours later as we drive into the city, my melancholy is already long gone, leaving more room for joy, gratefulness and happiness. These summer days at our country house with my loved ones has become to mean more and more to me every year and I am so grateful and happy for all the new memories we created this year. I hope all of you have had an equally wonderful summer!

Dress – Kappahl (gifted)