A little more than a year ago, in April 2017, I suddenly decided after one of my dance classes that I was going to master the yoga pose Natarajasana, in other words the dancer pose. I tried the pose straight away whilst one of my dance friends commemorated the moment with my cell phone. I could hardly reach my foot with either one of my hands, let alone with both, and when I did manage to grab a hold of my foot it felt everything but comfortable. From that moment on my practice was on and now one year later I’m sharing the results here in the blog. But there is a reason for why I am writing specifically about this pose and it’s not because of the pose itself, but about what it represents.


Backbends have always been especially tricky for me, so I started off by sorting out which poses and stretches I should do to support the progression of the pose. I also always warmed up my body before going into the pose and used yoga belts and the wall for help. Sometimes I felt like I wasn’t making any progress at all and that my goal of being able to grab my foot with both hands would never be reached. But then suddenly I would have a breakthrough when I least expected it, usually when I wasn’t thinking about my “goal” and just enjoyed the practice.

The pictures in the blog today were taken last weekend with Oleg and mean so much to me. They symbolize determination and perseverance but most of all, they stand for patience and kindness. And by kindness, I mean being kind to my body. I never ever rushed it or forced it but listened to my body and advanced on its terms, not mine. Since patience really isn’t one of my strengths, this is the part that I’m mostly proud of. And I think my body is thanking me for it. Now the journey continues.. 🙂