Last week I did something I’ve never done before, I booked myself a trip to Malaga – alone. And even though I am used to travel alone for work and sleep in hotel rooms alone this was something new to me. This time I wouldn’t have any conference to go to during the day or any colleagues or associates to talk to at lunch and dinner. So why did I decide to do this and how did it go?

The answer is quite simple, I was on vacation and Oleg was not. And, since I didn’t want to spend my holiday sitting in our apartment alone I decided some sun, tapas and tinto de verano would be a nicer alternative. And that it was. Especially since I decided to stay at a slightly more luxurious hotel than I’d usually book. And let me tell you, it was worth every penny.

I spent my days hanging by the pool, exploring the old town of Malaga, sitting down for a coffee or drink whenever I felt like it, shopping, visiting the sights and most of all enjoying the Andalusian cuisine. Apparently, time flies when you have fun alone as well. I would however have preferred some company at dinner if I’m being honest cause even though I chatted with the hotel personnel, the waiters and the sales people it was mostly just short discussions about Finland or how I’d come to learn Spanish.

It was during dinner that I would have wanted someone to share my day with so that was usually the time when Oleg’s whatsapp started to fill up with my messages. Three days was in other words pretty much the ideal amount of time for a vacation trip alone. Long enough to be able to enjoy the city but short enough not to get “homesick”. I recommend trying it sometime! 🙂