That was it then. Two and a half weeks of easy breezy living at my country house came to an end last weekend and brought me back to my daily routines and the office on Monday. I don’t mind going back to work, but I do mind leaving beautiful North Karelia behind knowing I won’t be able to enjoy it like it is now until next summer. This summer vacation has really been one of the best in a long time, and not just because of this fantastic weather that has really brought out the best in North Karelia, but because of all the dear people I spent it with. Thank you all for these beautiful memories we’ve created together. They will keep my heart warm this winter and makes it easier for me to turn my focus on this fall and this year’s fall fashion which you’ll get a glimpse on in this post. Have a lovely day everyone! <3

Jumpsuit – Bubbleroom *
Coat – Bubbleroom *
White sneakers – Bubbleroom *
Heels – Aldo
Shades – Gucci

* gifted product