As I’ve mentioned in the blog before, I’ve struggled with highly sensitive and atopic skin since I can remember. When all the other girls excitedly tried out new skin care products I always headed straight for the pharmacy. I didn’t really have any other skin care products then the ones my dermatologist prescribed me and even though they were crucial for treating my atopic skin, they didn’t really take care of my other skin issues like oiliness and signs of aging. However, during these last couple of years my atopy has calmed down considerably, and I’ve been able to try out new products that nurtures and takes care of every aspect of my skin. After lots of testing I’ve now found the skin care routine that works best for me and that I can happily recommend to anyone with the same type of skin as me.

Before taking a shower I clean my face with the Cream & Wash cleansing cream from Olivia Klein. Even though I only just recently found this fantastic organic skin care brand, Olivia Klein’s products have become a permanent part of my skin care routine.

My shower products are all from Lumene’s Source of Hydration collection. I fell in love with the collection not only thanks to their excellent hydration and moisturizing effects but also because of how soft and fresh they feel on your skin. When jumping out of the shower I either apply the body lotion from the same line or the Optimal Lotion from Olivia Klein that is especially good for dry and flaky skin.

When the skin is dry and clean I apply the Advanced Night Repair Serum and Eye Serum from Estée Lauder which helps maximize the skin’s own nightly renewal, repairs, and hydrates your skin leaving you with a younger looking, radiant and smooth skin in the morning. After the serum has dried I finish my routine with Clinique’s moisture surge gel-cream. This renewed old favorite will keep your skin hydrated as long as up to 72 hours.

Then there’s nothing more than to do than to say good night and let your beauty sleep work its magic.