Yesterday Kappahl launched its new Limited Edition collection in Finland and this time the brand turned its focus to the east and to Asia, Japan to be more precise. I got to take a look at the new collection “Big in Japan” over a traditional Japanese tea ceremony at restaurant Koto here in Helsinki and I was instantly crushing on its colorful and diverse pieces. This collection is a beautiful mix of Japanese patterns, airy materials and loose silhouettes. The colors mainly consist of blue, red and white which gives the collection a lovely spring feeling to it. All of the colors are found in some pieces like the kimono and the loose wide pants whilst some pieces are one-colored such as the white suite and the red kimono shaped dress. My own favorites are the red dress and the jacquard blazer. Now we can only hope that spring will arrive to Finland as well so that we can start to enjoy this beautiful collection. Well, spring or not, I’m wearing the blazer straight away! 🙂

The Big in Japan Limited Edition Collection is in Finland now available online and in the Kappahl store in Forum.