Since I was a kid I’ve been insecure about myself. It all started when we moved to Finland from Estonia in the beginning of the 90’s. Even though I was only five years old and had learned Finnish really fast I suffered from low self-esteem and had problems with adapting to the new culture. On top of it all I was overweight, and my acne didn’t exactly help the situation. I got bullied and started to turn away from people and eventually shut myself in completely.

Eventually I decided, that I wouldn’t let my insecurities restrict me in any way anymore, so I started to work on myself, both mentally and physically. I started going to the gym, I learned to play guitar and took up singing. These all helped me get into shape and improve my self-esteem, but my skin and my greasy hair was still in bad condition. At some point, the acne on my back got so bad that I started to avoid situations where I would have had to remove my t-shirt. Going to the beach for example was therefore no longer an option. At least not without my t-shirt.

I tried a bunch of different products, but nothing seemed to work. I even changed my diet at some point and became a vegetarian for a couple of years which actually helped a little, just not enough. After trying out Head & Shoulders my greasy hair situation finally started to resolve. The Head & Shoulders products are perfect for everyday use and you start to see results almost immediately. With medication I also eventually managed to get control over my acne situation which probably had been my biggest insecurity and restricted my life the most. When I started to take care of myself, both on the inside and the outside, my confidence grew. I was for example finally able to enjoy a day at the beach without my t-shirt which had seemed impossible before.

During the FIFA World Cup Head & Shoulders are launching their new Ultra Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with a campaign that encourages people to leave their insecurities behind and fearlessly go for what they want without anything holding them back. Least of all insecurities like greasy hair or dandruffs. Because of my past with hair and skin problems I can easily identify with this campaign and its message which I firmly stand behind. Don’t let anything hold you back. Ever.


“The NEW Head & Shoulders Men Ultra Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Range is fueled with high performance boosters to meet the hair and scalp needs of ultra demanding men; the Total Care variant with Sea Minerals is designed to provide extra moisturization; the Hair Booster variant with caffeine will strengthen your hair to resist premature hair loss due to dandruff & breakage; the Deep Cleansing variant with Charcoal is designed to provide the ultimate clean against grease & product build up.” – Head & Shoulders

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