A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post about how I combine a full-time job and blogging. I especially talked about finding the time to blog after a full day of work and dance practice in the evening. My answer to it all was proper time managing. When I organize my day and time usage properly I have time for both my job, my dancing and my blogging. In other words, I can decide to get off that couch in the evening and write a blog post instead of watching Netflix. Easy peasy right? Or is it?

Amos Rex Amos Rex

Sometimes you just have to rest

Good organizational skills and a little bit of self-discipline do work, but only to some extent, which I got to experience first-hand this past week. As it turned out I couldn’t find any time whatsoever for writing. On Friday I was running errands literally all day long, the weekend was spent in Copenhagen with the girls and at the beginning of this week I was at a conference in Malmö. Okay, so obviously I did have some free time every now and then, but when I did I couldn’t manage to do anything else but lay on my hotel bed and watch Swedish reality shows. So, even though I’m usually super disciplined and effective I too have my limits. Sometimes you just have to rest.

Amos Rex

We are humans and not robots

So, I guess I’m forced to eat my words, or maybe rather add to them. Because even though this method has worked for me in the past it has become quite clear this week that it isn’t water proof. Time managing in combination with some self-discipline works most of the time. But, since we are humans and not robots, this tactic isn’t always applicable. Sometimes we simply have to rest and accept that our posting plan won’t hold this week. Besides, I prefer posting when I have time to write properly rather then quickly putting something together just for the sake of it.

Amos RexAmos Rex

Pics: Sini Mustonen

Blazer – Zara (here)
Pants – Vero Moda (similar here)
Sneakers – Superga (here)
Bag – Chloé
Shades – Gucci