Do you know that feeling, when you’re standing in the middle of a situation and suddenly notice that you are actually watching it from the outside? Almost as if time would have stopped moving, but only for you. Everyone else keeps on talking, but you are observing the situation as if on a tv screen. The feeling doesn’t last long, sometimes only a few seconds, but can be a quite strong experience. Last Sunday, on Mother’s Day, this happened to me.

We had already many weeks ago booked a Mother’s Day lunch at a mansion about one and a half hours away from home. Little did we know then that summer would arrive to Helsinki just in time for Moder’s Day weekend. So, when it was time to leave, sitting in a car with nine adults and four kids didn’t seem like such a good idea anymore. We therefore decided to skip the mansion and spend the day at my brother’s summer house in Herttoniemi Community Garden instead.

Someone was barbecuing, someone was setting the table, someone was playing with the dog, someone was sunbathing, someone was changing the baby’s diaper, someone was taking a bike ride, someone was preparing the salad, and someone was turning on the sprinkler for the kids. In other words, there was a perfectly wonderful chaos going on in the garden but the minute the food was ready everybody stopped whatever they were doing and gathered around the table. That’s when it happened.

For a short moment it felt like time stood still and I was observing it all from the outside, like I was watching a feel-good movie or an episode of Modern Family. A huge smile appeared on my face, my heart was filled with happiness and gratitude and I felt extremely thankful for my family and for being exactly there where I was. These are the moments that great summer memories are made of and that will come back to us in the darkness of the fall. We finished the day with a walk in the Roihuvuori Cherry Tree Park, where I had actually never been before. Couldn’t have been a better day!

Dress – Kappahl (gifted)
Shoes – Superga