Touristing in Malaga, horseback riding at Koli, lazy days in the countryside, boat trip to Porvoo etc. This is how my July looked like. 🙂


I booked myself a trip to Malaga alone and spent three wonderful days at the pool of my stunning hotel, visiting tourist attractions and eating tapas. On the last day of the trip I got some lunch company from Essi, who had flown in to Malaga the previous night. Read more about my trip here.



Horseback riding, hiking and watching the sunset at Koli in the best of company is one this summer’s best experiences! <3


This month has been a real treat when it comes to eating some really good food, both at restaurants and at home. if you are ever in North Karelia I highly recommend stopping at the guesthouse Puukarin Pysäkki to enjoy some delicious home cooked North Karelian dishes (pic 2). Read more about the guesthouse here.

Our summer house in North Karelia is my happy place. This is where I go to relax, refuel and breathe. Check out some more pics from North Karelia here.

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