You might have noticed a slight gap in my posting schedule here on the blog lately. The reason for this is not me having a break from social media, going on a long vacation trip or lacking inspiration. Quite the contrary. I’ve been in fact spending even more time than usual on the blog this last month, just in a different way. The blog has gotten a new look and a new home. It is in other words time to say goodbye to Nouw and move on (or back) to my own blog platform. In a way it’s kind of like coming home again after spending some time abroad.

I’ve spent almost a year blogging at Nouw, of which the most rewarding thing has definitely been the opportunity of getting to know so many fantastic fellow bloggers. And me leaving Nouw does by no means mean that I wouldn’t keep following all these great bloggers in the future as well. In addition to many acquaintances I have also found some new friends through Nouw. These are people I can just as well discuss interesting blog topics with as well as my relationship or any other aspect in my life. For this I’m especially grateful to Nouw.

The decision to move on to my own platform was born from the desire to update and freshen up the look of the blog and for this I needed more freedom to edit my template and even to do some basic coding when needed. The move has taken a lot of my free time but now that it’s done it feels so worth it. Now you, dear readers, are able to easier find specific topics or posts of your interest thanks to the new tag feature. You can also see my most popular posts as well as my own suggestions. The feature I’m mostly excited about is the new language update. You can now easily switch between English and Finnish by clicking on the flags shown on top of each page and post. I hope you like it!

Jacket – NA-KD*
Blouse – Mango (similar here)
Pants – Zara (here)
Heels – Rizzo (here)
Bag – Céline 
Shades – Gucci

* Gifted