It’s been exactly a month since I last updated the blog, which is the longest – or the only – blog break I’ve taken during these last two and a half years. And it was in no way planned. As I was writing my last blog post I had no idea it would take four whole weeks before I’d publish something on the blog again. So, what happened? Why did I end up taking a break from blogging and how am I doing now?

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In a way it’s kind of ironic that I ended up taking a blog break almost immediately after having explained how well I manage to balance my work and my blogging. Even though I did take some of it back in my last post before the break I still didn’t think I’d be writing this four weeks later. But that’s just how life goes sometimes. No matter how much I would have liked to, I just couldn’t find the time, or the strength, to blog. And the weeks kept passing by.

Now afterwards I know that a break was undoubtedly needed. There’s just no way I could have survived this fall without it. These last six weeks have been the most intensive weeks at work this year with several business trips and seminars abroad. I counted that I have travelled abroad as much as once a week every week since mid-October. And even though it has been a blast, and everything turned out more than well I can’t be happier about not having to have to look at another airplane for several weeks.

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If my work days have more or less been filled with travels, my free time has been filled with dance practice. Our dance group participated in a dance competition in the middle of November as well as a big dance gala at the Savoy Theatre last Saturday. Late night practices, minute schedules and not enough sleep has definitely been a challenge. In the end it was all worth it though. We reached second place at the dance competition and the gala night was a success, even though I was fighting the flu the whole evening. The feeling when I woke up on Sunday morning was a weird mix of euphoria and emptiness. Six intensive weeks at work and three months of dance practice was suddenly over. No more work stress nor late nights at the dance studio. What now?

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Well, first of all, I’m going to have to take at least a week or two off before I go back to dance class in order to get rid of my flu once and for all. During that time, I’m looking forward to taking it easy at home, Christmas decorate the apartment, hang out with my friends and most of all spend time with Oleg.

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