Before our trip to Corfu we thought for sure that we would rather cook dinner at the villa than go out to eat. Especially since we had to cooking enthusiast with us on the trip, Oleg and my brother that is, that had weeks beforehand started dreaming about all the fresh Greek vegetables they’d be able to use in their cooking. On our first they there, when we had just arrived at the villa and an empty fridge, we decided to eat lunch at the local taverna, which turned out to be a decision that changed all our dinner plans for the rest of the trip.

The taverna I’m talking about, situated just a couple of hundreds of meters from our villa, is an outdoor restaurant with a panoramic view over the ocean and probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever eaten at. The whole place looks like a big garden with small dining tables right in the middle of all the fruit and flowers. There, sitting underneath the lemon trees, the cold white wine and the Greek salad tasted almost magical. To be honest, everything we ever tried at this place, like fresh fish, fried squid, tzatziki etc. tasted like at a five-star restaurant. No wonder that even our master chefs chose the taverna over a home cooked meal a couple of evenings (and lunches). So, if you are ever visiting Corfu, don’t miss out on this place!

For more information on the restaurant – check here!