Dynastia podcast

There a new podcast in town! Our brand new Dynastia Podcast aired today and I can’t be more excited. The idea of the podcast is to discuss everything that has to do with influencer marketing and being a content producer on social media, in other words a blogger, vlogger, Instagrammer or podcast maker. How do you make yourself stand out in today’s social media world? How can you earn money on blogging, vlogging and Instagramming? How should you handle criticism? These are a few of the topics Essi, Camilla and I will be discussing during the first season of the podcast. And we are not alone. Joining us during some of our episodes are well known influencers that have a lot of experience on the subject. So, if you speak Finnish, I recommend heading over to our first episode right now!


Listen to our first episode on Spotify (in Finnish)
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SoundCloud (in Finnish)