I woke up this morning feeling well-rested, animated and with a peaceful mind. Even my body felt so relaxed that you could have thought I’d just come from a two hour massage. But then you would have been wrong. No spa weekend for me this time but instead something just as good or even better, a weekend at the Helsinki Yoga Festival. For the sixth time this festival treated its guests with two days of different yoga classes, lectures, well-being and everything else that comes with yoga.

My yoga weekend started as early as 9.15 on Saturday morning when I took part in one of first classes of the day. And I wasn’t alone. I had managed to get Oleg to wake up with me and try out couple’s yoga for the first time. The class turned out to be a nice mixture of couple’s poses, stretching and meditation and left us both with a feeling of closeness that lasted all day long. In addition to couple’s yoga I also tried some other, for me new, yoga styles of which sound yoga was one of the most memorable. After one hour of soft yoga poses to the regenerative sound of the singing bowls I felt as relaxed as after a massage. And speaking of, singing bowl massage is something I definitely want to try one day as well,

But I didn’t just get new yoga experiences during the weekend, I also got some new life wisdoms to take home with me. Kundalini Yoga Teacher Noora Lintukangas gave a lecture on how to be happy with your every day life even when you’re facing hard times, chaos, strong emotions and unpleasant situations, which I found super interesting. The lecture also included concrete tips on how to deal with these emotions and situations. So when I headed back home on Sunday afternoon I had, as always after yoga, a both peaceful body and mind.

A big thank you to Vitamin Well Finland for this lovely weekend!