So, the other day I noticed something. I’ve been more or less wearing the same pair of shoes and the same two pairs of jeans for the last two months in a row. Both shoes and jeans are black. Ofcourse. I mean they obviously have to be able to endure both slush, snow and rain and nobody wants to ruin their nice clothes in the Finnish winter weather. And you know what? I am so tired of them. I think I might mostly be waiting for spring just to be able to wear anything else but those black shoes and black jeans. Anyone on the same page?

Chiquelle Chiquelle Chiquelle

This weekend the prognosis for spring still looked quite promising. Even to the extent that I decided to dig my spring clothes out of the closet and happily take them for a stroll on the town. My happy face didn’t last more than a couple of days until reality hit me like a wet towel. Almost literally. When I woke up on Tuesday morning the ground was covered in snow and as soon as I put my head outside the door, so was my face. Can we just agree that this will be the first and last snowstorm this spring?

Blazer – Zara (similar here)
Sweater – Second Female
Pants – Chiquelle
Shoes – Aldo (similar here)
Bag – Burberry
Shades – WOOW eyewear