It is very important to wash your down jacket regularly since its fantastic ability to isolate cold, resist water and breathe depends on it being clean. The secret of the down jacket lies in its texture, in other words, in its fluffiness. When the the jacket gets dirty, dirt starts to pile up in the voids between the down making the jacket flat. A clean jacket is a warm jacket and here’s how you should wash it:

1. WET the jacket before washing it or it will puff up in the machine. Also remember to turn it inside out so that its zippers won’t get marks or break.

2. USE LESS DETERGENT than usually, either liquid detergent or a special down shampoo (which is to be recommended). If you are using liquid detergent and unsure about how much to use, you can always thin it out with some water.

3. WASH the jacket in 30 degrees Celsius with the delicate cycle.

4. RINSE the jacket carefully after the wash to fully remove any remaining detergent. Otherwise you might be left with lumps in your jacket. Don’t ever use fabric softener!

5. DRY the jacket thoroughly before hanging it back in the closet either in the tumble dryer on a low heat or in a warm room. If you are using the dryer, throw in a couple of tennis balls as well. The bouncing of the tennis balls will help fluffing the feathers inside of the jacket. Also, notice that it might take a while for the jacket to dry either way so reserve enough time to be able to shake the jacket regularly during the drying process to make sure that you’ll break up any possible feather clumps.