Pink balloons, pink napkins, pink decorations and a pink cake. I am, as you can probably guess, describing the setting of a baby shower. And not just any baby shower, but my best friend’s and my soon to be godchild’s shower that we celebrated last weekend in Stockholm. We had been planning this with my friends for months so when the day was finally here I could hardly wait for it to start.

I had flown in to Stockholm the same morning excited to get to surprise my best friend and to spend the weekend with her (even though she did not know it yet). I had been a little worried that she would have suspected that something was up but the moment I saw her surprised face at the shower I knew we had succeeded. We spent the rest of the day eating, chatting, opening presents and playing baby shower games. The next day her family had arranged for a lovely brunch at an old castle tower a little bit outside of the city center which I got to enjoy with them before heading back to the airport. Couldn’t have been a better weekend! <3

Pics 1 & 3: Emil Weman