Time for me to answer some questions about Oleg. Here’s the second part of our questions about each other -post.

1. How would you describe Oleg with three words?
Caring, positive, stubborn

2. What were the characteristics you first fell in love with in Oleg?
I admired and fell for Oleg’s gentleman kind of manners (he would open doors for me, cary my bags etc.). He was also very romantic and took control of things when needed. Just what I was looking for.

3. What are things you have learned about Oleg over the years?
I didn’t know until after a little while that Oleg has such a funny side to him. We share the same kind of humour and laugh together all the time. I also didn’t know exactly how stubborn he can be at times, which is something that we have fought about more than once.

4. What clothes would you like to see Oleg wear more often?
A suit.

5. What are you proud of in Oleg?
The fact that he has started his own business and taken car of it with such calmness and courage.

6. What are the characteristics that you would like to learn from Oleg?
His way of hardly ever losing his calm.

7. What are the things in Oleg that annoy you the most?
His stubbornness and the fact that he always leaves bread crumbs from the kitchen!! 😀

8. What is Oleg’s most beautiful attribute on the outside?
His mouth.

9. What is Oleg’s most beautiful attribute on the inside?
That he cares about other people and wants to help others.

10. What thing do you remember the most from your first date?
I remember how passionately he told me about his interest in photography and I loved watching his eyes sparkle as he talked about it.