Today I got to experience a little bit of a different Tuesday lunch than usual. To brighten up the day was a beautiful lunch with Marimekko and Clinique to celebrate their new Marimekko for Clinique Limited Edition Collection. The collection, which is now available in stores in Finland, is a perfect match between the iconic Marimekko patterns and the most loved Clinique beauty essentials.

Marimekko’s and Clinique’s vision has been to create a positive and happy collection that encouraged women to be bold, unique and to think on the bright side of life, which becomes quite clear as soon as you see these colorful and joyful products. These are products that will leave you with a big (and colorful) smile on your face.

Before sitting down at the beautifully Marimekko-decorated lunch table we took a tour of the factory and got to witness the making of the well known Marimekko patterns all the way from the mixing of the colours to the finished product. At the same time we got a quick look into Marimekko’s history from its first fashion show in 1951 to today. Read more about the Marimekko story here.

After lunch internationally known Clinique colour pro makeup artist Florrie White introduced two different Clinique looks that were built around the new Marimekko for Clinique products. What I loved the most about the makeup was how natural it all looked when finished and how well the lip colours completed the look. White, who also told us that she prefers a natural look, likes to bring out the best features in every woman when doing makeup, instead of changing the way they look. This philosophy works perfectly with my makeup routine so I can’t wait to try these out! 🙂

​Pics of me:Mia/Beauty Highlights