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The last ginger bread cookies have been eaten, the Christmas tree has been thrown out and my New Year’s Eve dress has nicely been put back in the closet. Christmas is over for this time and I must admit I feel a bit bummed about it. It feels like forever until spring and there’s really nothing in between to look forward to. I love winter and winter weather but, since I’m no skiing enthusiast I’m turning my thoughts to the spring and to my spring wardrobe as soon as the new year is over. And speaking of spring clothing, there’s one brand, Ellos,* that I’d especially like to talk to you about today.

Ellos is a brand that has caught my attention more and more these last couple of years and my wardrobe has slowly started to get its own little Ellos collection. Especially their selection of coats this winter has been very impressive. No wonder I found my season favorite among them this year. Now the brand has come out with a whole bunch of gorgeous new spring arrivals that you can check out here. I instantly fell for their fresh new spring blouses and pastel-colored sweaters. Here are my new arrival favorites:



Ellos new arrivals Ellos new arrivals

Make your own spring findings by clicking on this link!

* Paid partnership with Ellos
Pics – Ellos’ web page