Now that the week has started with rainy and gloomy weather it feels like the perfect moment to turn our thoughts a couple of months back to a warmer time and place, in other words to Corfu and Notos Beach. This beach was for sure the most spectacular one we visited all week and the one I go back to in my memories over and over again. Here in the hammock beneath the palm trees with the turquoise water as my view and the soothing sound of the palm leaves rustling in the wind as my music it feels like time is standing still. Here, there are no schedules to keep up with, no plans to execute and no time to catch. Here, you don’t have to concentrate on anything else but the obvious, the moment. Nevertheless, if you feel like getting up once in a while, you can always take dip in the sea or move over to the garden restaurant nearby for something cold to drink. I also recommend ordering an ice cream from the bar before leaving. In this almost tropical weather it tastes absolutely heavenly.