One evening Oleg and I were sitting in the sofa with a glass of rosé talking about our relationship (well, I did most of the talking in the beginning, but he did join the monologue after a while :D), how it all started and how it has changed over the years. We talked about the things we fell in love with in each other and the things we have learned about each other later on. That’s how I got the idea to today’s post. So here is the first part of it, Oleg’s thoughts on me:

1. How would you describe Linda with three words?
Loving, temperamental, impatient

2. What were the characteristics you first fell in love with in Linda?
She was open-hearted, very talkative and social which attracted me instantly

3. Mitä asioita olet oppinut Lindasta vuosien aikana?
Hän on todella temperamenttinen ja hänen mielialansa voi vaihtua sekunnissa super iloisesta ärsyyntyneeksi. Suurin osa ajasta, en ymmärrä yhtään mikä sen muutoksen aiheutti. Hän on myös todella pikkutarkka tietyistä asioista, kuten talon siisteydestä.

4. Missä vaatteissa haluaisit nähdä Lindan useimmin?

5. Mistä olet ylpeä Lindassa?
Kun hän päättää tehdä jotain, hän vie aina asiat loppuun asti. Vaikka hän saattaa valittaa matkan aikana, hän ei kuitenkaan ikinä annan periksi.

6. Mitä haluaisit oppia Lindalta?
Hänen organisointikykynsä.

7. What are the things in Linda that annoy you the most?
Sometimes her strong temperament can be difficult, and her American accent when speaking English. 😀

8. What is Linda’s most beautiful attribute on the outside?
Her eyes.

9. What is Linda’s most beautiful attribute on the inside?
She always wants everything to be fair, even when the situation it might not favour her.

10. What thing do you remember the most from your first date?
She gently brushed her upper lip with her tongue in a very small and almost unnoticeable move which I though was her way of telling me she was interested. It turned out that the move was subconscious, and she had no idea she was doing it haha.

Linda is wearing:
Jumpsuit – Anna Glover x H&M
Shoes – Superga
Shades – Gucci