Every year Easter somehow seems to pop out of the blue and surprise me with a long bonus weekend when I least expect it. Over the years I’ve used this free time by traveling abroad, attending and performing at salsa festivals, doing nothing at all or spending time with my family at our country house. This year turned out to be a mix of everything, minus the trip abroad. But it didn’t get off to a very good start though…

I woke up on Friday morning alone. Oleg had already gone to the office and even though I often enjoy a quiet morning alone this morning’s silence wasn’t very welcomed. It was Good Friday after all. Time to spend with your family and loved ones, not time for work. The more I thought about it the more annoyed I got and I even managed to send an angry text to Oleg before I calmed down and decided to accept the situation. After all, I knew this otherwise slow day was the perfect day for Oleg to be able to catch up on his work load without any outside interruptions. So, after a quick sorry for being grumpy -message I decided to channel my strong feelings of irritation somewhere where it would be more useful.

The result was a completely spotless apartment. I’m talking vacuum cleaning, scrubbing of floors, the removing of dust from every imaginable place and a shiny bathroom. The three hours it took to clean was enough to make my irritation disappear and I spent the afternoon decoration the apartment with Easter decorations and enjoying a tidy and beautiful home. The rest of the weekend went by in a better spirit: we test drove a new car, I performed with my dance group at the Baila Baila Salsa Festival, I went to international superstar Yanis Marshall’s street class and enjoyed a lovely Easter dinner together with Oleg and my parents. Today’s plan is quite the opposite, in other words to do absolutely nothing. Just spending time together. Happy Easter!

Dress – & Other Stories
Sweater – Stradivarius
Boots – Bianco
Bag – Chlóe
Shades – Gucci