I have already for a while now been more or less actively looking around for a new fall/winter coat but, since I haven’t really been on the clear with what I’m looking the search has been without any result. Until Thursday that is. I was standing outside of Zara waiting for the tram and decided to pop inside for just a second when my eyes fell on what I can only call “the coat”. As soon as I saw it I knew it was the one I’d been looking for. A big, cozy and soft coat to keep me warm and to cuddle into during these upcoming cold and dark months. I also love the fact that the coat is pink and not black or gray like I usually wear. And, if I do decide to go back to black I can just turn the coat inside out and abracadabra, the coat has turned dark blue. Two coats for the price of one!

Coat – Zara
Turtleneck shirt – Amisu
Jeans – Zara
Shoes – Vagabond
Shades – Ilymix