I am extremely determined to my nature. If I have decided to do something specific, learn something new or reach a certain goal I won’t stop until I have succeeded. I’m a definitive “if there’s a will there’s a way” -girl and this applies just as much to my work as to my hobbies. Many would probably see this as a good quality to have and in some aspects it is. Sometimes hard work and never giving up is just what you need to reach your dreams, but not always. Determination will turn on itself if you don’t know when it’s time to push and when it’s time to rest. I don’t know the difference and the price of my ignorance can sometimes be quite expensive.

My latest lesson in the price of determination was given to me as recently as last week. This time the bill showed one x-ray, one night cast and many weeks of absolutely no yoga or dancing. The reason? A muscle inflammation in my left arm which I had gotten from over straining my arms when doing handstands. I can’t even count the number of muscle tears, muscle inflammations, knee-, back- and shoulder injuries I’ve had over the years only because I’ve pushed myself too hard too fast. And once again the case with my arm was crystal clear.

I have a habit of standing on my hands at least once every day but only for max five minutes in total. I had however suddenly decided that I wanted to improve my posture so that I would be able to pull myself up more controlled and with my muscles instead of throwing myself into the pose. I therefore booked myself a four hour handstand class for the weekend. So, in just two days I went from standing on my hands for five minutes a day to training two ours a day. A smart person would have realized that this might be too much for my untrained arm muscles and take it a little bit easier during the course, but not me. I gave it a full 110 {161006fbd22b67ae9a622d82812a46b504e5b94ae3fa9049c9fdf5f980798df6} both days and practiced extra at home in the evening. And I didn’t stop there. I might have been able to avoid the inflammation if I would have understood as much as to take it easy the following week but, instead I pushed myself to dance practice where we on top of it all had a choreography which was mainly carried out on the floor with my weight on my arms. No way that my already over stained arm muscles would be able to handle that and they didn’t. Now I can’t dance at all for at least two weeks and I have no idea how long it will take before I can do yoga again. If I only had realized when it was time to rest..