The sun is shining from a bright blue sky, the turquoise water is glittering, and you are sitting in a beach restaurant enjoying a glass of white with your love. Yes, I’m talking about that dream vacation you’ve both been waiting for and now it’s finally here. Seven carefree days in the sun without any problems, bickering or stress. Everything is perfect, just as it should be, right? But what if it isn’t? What if you do fight on your vacation? How bad is it really?

Well if we stop and think about it for a minute, I think the answer to that last question is quite clear. At least when it comes to me and Oleg. Even though we live under the same roof we obviously do not spend every second of every day together. We go to work, see our friends and have our own hobbies so usually our time together is placed in the evenings and on weekends. Sometimes, when we don’t have as much work or other obligations we spend more time together, sometimes less. The same goes for our bickering. Sometimes we fight more, sometimes we can go for the longest of time without having any disagreements at all. This is life, so why would that change just because we changed location? We are still the same people on vacation as we are at home, even though the stress of work etc. is taken off the equation.

Besides, if you think about it from a relativity perspective you should actually fight more on vacation than at home because you spend more time together and there for have a bigger probability of fighting. Especially when you are travelling together and literally hanging out 24/7. Well, nobody wants to fight on their vacation. The point I’m trying to make is just that if you do, it’s not the whole world. I know I had a small disagreement with Oleg on our Corfu trip but now afterwards, I can’t even remember when and what it was about. That proves my point. A little fight does in no way change the fact that it’s been a perfect vacation. I’d be more worried if we didn’t fight at all on vacation but screamed at each other every day at home. Our holiday trips are still only a small part of our life together, everyday life on the other hand, well, that’s every day!