What a wonderful feeling, it´s Friday and we´ve got the whole weekend ahead of us. What makes this weekend even better is that we´ll be spending it eating pinchos and drinking Spanish red wines in Bilbao. It feels like such a luxury to get to enjoy some sunshine again and a few days of vacation. However, even though you might not be on holiday you can still easily arrange for a relaxing lyxury weekend at home. Like last Sunday, when we decided to have ourself a good old pampering day (okay, you can probably guess that the pampering thing was my idea and not Oleg´s, but he did end up enjoying it just as much as I did)

The day started with our favorite breakfast, which is bagels. A pretty setting, coffee served from my new favorite coffee mugs and the fact that we had all the time in the world to enjoy it, made the morning luxurious enough for me. Our day continued with face masks and a skin care routine testing some new products from Its Skin. What especially caught my attention with these products is that they have a super short list of ingredients which means that they really don´t include anything unneccesary. Going to yoga class after our relaxing pampering moment and enjoying a home cocked dinner and a Netflix movie in the evening equals a pretty nice Sunday, at least in my books. The best part of the day was that we had been spending almost all of it together. Quality time at its best! 🙂