A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. Sound familiar? Nothing looks good on you and the clothes you had picked out earlier are suddenly a total disaster. I think we can all recognize ourselves here from time to time and even though we know that the problem is not in our clothes but in our head, that knowledge doesn’t save us in that moment. The clock is ticking, your friends are waiting, you start to panic, and your boyfriend doesn’t understand the problem at all. Since I seem to find myself in this exact situation more often than I’d like to admit, I have come up with a system with which I can prevent at least some of these occasions from happening.

My secret? Well, I frequently pick out a so-called backup outfit from my favourite clothes at the time, that I throw on every time I feel like nothing else is working. These are clothes that fit especially well on my body type, that are comfortable to wear and most of all, that I feel comfortable wearing.

My current backup outfit consists of my newly found mom jeans, a simple black or white top and a pair of black or pink ankle boots. The outfit works surprisingly good for almost any day event and if the event in question is an after-work, I throw on a black or pink blazer and I’m good to go. The black version of this outfit actually saved my ass as recently as last Friday. So, trust me, it works. Both your friends and your boyfriend will thank you. 😀