Winter vacation? Who needs it right? I mean, it comes almost right after Christmas and often quite close to Easter. No one can be that much in need of a break at that time of the year? Or can you? The first six years of my working life I would have said no. No, you don’t need a winter vacation in February. In fact, you don’t really need a winter vacation at all. The truth is, I really didn’t know what I was talking about and what I was missing. Not until I two years ago had my first winter vacation since high school. After that experience there was no turning back and today, a winter vacay is definitely the rule and not the exception.

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So where do I want to spend my winter vacations then? In Ylläs? In the Alps? Or maybe somewhere warm and sunny? No, no and no. The answer lies much closer. In North Karelia to be exact. This place has such deep roots in my heart that nothing else really compares. No Central European slope even comes close to our own sled hill and the beautiful white landscapes around our own holiday home. A few hours of sledding with my nephew, skiing or snow walking followed by a hot sauna and dinner is all I need. When you’ve repeated this for three to four days you really feel like a whole new person and get to go back to work with some new-found energy and strength.

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