After my visit to Linda’s country house in North Karelia I can really understand why she loves it there so much. There is something about that place. Something apart from the obvious, the beautiful nature, that makes it special. Something in the air.

This I noticed the second night there when we were driving back to the house late in the evening. I don’t know if it was because of the fact that I’ve been living abroad for so many years or what it was that made me notice it at first but suddenly I just couldn’t stop staring at the road. There was something in the colors, the air, the sky above it and the forest surrounding it that gave me a certain peace of mind and I realized how beautiful Finland really is. I mean where else in Europe can you drive straight for hours and hours in the middle of the forest without coming across a single town, house or even another car?

A little while later it became clear that it actually was something in the air that night, fog to be more specific, and our ride back to the house prolonged with an hour. An hour that we spent observing and admiring the fog. Watching how it slowly moved itself over the fields and the lakes growing thicker and thicker by the meter and swallowing everything in its way. I can’t say I believe in magic but there was certainly something magical in the air that night.